Thursday, March 19, 2009

Build a Bear

Neal thought I was crazy, but I wanted to go to Build a Bear to make the babies their first stuffed animals. I have never seen him so embarrassed. Especially when we had to do some sort of ritual with the stuffed animals heart. We got our girl a bunny and our boy a dog. The bunny is named Thumper after my childhood rabbit, which was more like the size of a small dog and the dog is named Tippy. Neal's first dog was named Tippy as was my mom's , so as far as I am concerned it is a family name. I got proof of this event. Here is a pic of Neal hitting the pedal to stuff the animals.

Man does he look like he is enjoying himself. Of course we were too cheap to pay for outfits for the stuffed animals. Stuffed animals did not have clothes when I was a kid anyways!


Anonymous said...

I look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those bears are expensive. Keep the $$$ for college.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Priceless!