Monday, April 6, 2009

26 weeks

Another week and another appointment. Things are looking great. I no longer have to see my specialist, just my OBGYN every two weeks. I have gained a solid 20 pounds. I am getting another heartburn medication, which hopefully will reduce my vomiting from twice a week to never again and could potentially make my weight gain increase drastically. Right now, I eat very little at night, that is when my heartburn is acting up. I am not even sure it is heartburn, basically, it feels like the food I ate an hour ago has not entered my stomach, but is sitting in the back of my throat. Next appointment I will get a growth ultrasound and complete my glucose test. I am not looking forward to that, I just hope I can keep the gross drink down. The doc suggested something for my hip pain. Apparently wearing an adult diaper is the cure.

Can you imagine how much Neal will laugh at me? I guess you will all have to wonder when you see me whether I am wearing my diaper with attached suspenders or not!

Here is my pic. I am starting to think the angle and outfit can really make me look a whole lot different from week to week. This weeks picture looks as big as I feel.
And yes, if you are wondering, I do have my pajamas on and it is only 6pm.

This was the first week someone said to me "Oh twins, now it makes sense to me how far along you look". Thanks, thanks a lot.

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McCauley's Blog said...

Do they make the suspenders in colors? Maybe they have the rainbow Mork and Mindy ones. If so, wear them on the outside for sure!