Friday, May 29, 2009

After 33 weeks

My appetite has resurfaced. Man have I missed her! It is great to actually enjoy eating again. I have not dove into red meat yet, but I think I safely could. I redefined Olive Garden's unlimited salad and bread sticks last night. I think Neal actually got sick watching me. Perhaps the babies have dropped...although it sure does not feel like it. When we first got seated, I was a little nervous. They put us at a booth and I was not sure I would fit. I did, with about a half inch to spare. By the time I was done, that half inch turned in to nothing. I actually ate myself a half inch rounder! The babies kicked around like crazy at the start of the meal, but by the middle nothing. Oh no, did I eat my babies to death? About an hour after getting home they were moving around like crazy. Neal and I just sat on the couch and stared at my belly. It appears as though our little girl likes to hit her head on things, similar to the little kid in Parenthood. I have gained just over 30 pounds and have a feeling I will be gaining quite a bit more if my appetite continues. I figure now is the time in my life to just go for it and enjoy it!

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