Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking ahead

Neal and I have been hitting up garage sales to get the kids toys mainly. My kids are not even here yet, but I am already dreaming big for them. I am already thinking about their first smile, laugh, and step. I cannot wait to squeeze the two of them into a swing at the park. I already envision them shooting hoops. I cannot wait until our first swim lesson. I see our son or daughter walking behind Neal cutting the grass with the little lawn mower we bought. Neal of course already sees them actually pushing the real lawn mower and pitching in on the yard work. We have already discussed what college savings plan we will use and how much we plan to save. We have not even met our children, but already have dreams of what their lives can be. How exciting and scary at the same time. Two human beings will be looking to us to help shape and guide their lives. Now we are looking ahead, I am sure the day will come soon where we will be looking back, wishing we could go back in time.


McCauley's Blog said...
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McCauley's Blog said...

Good times!!

leslie said...

i wish i would've hit up garage sales more when i was pregnant!!! you guys are smart parents already:)!!!