Friday, May 8, 2009


That is what I am as big as. If my calculations are correct, I am measuring what a singleton pregnancy would measure at 39 weeks. If I continue this way, well you know. I am now 43 inches round. I guess it is amazing what the human body can do.

I am growing tired of not being able to do things. I am fairly independent and don't like help. I think Neal is sick of this too. I am not sure what finger gestures he makes at me when I ask him to do something, nor do I care to see them. I am pretty sure 50% of the time he just says yes dear and has no idea what I just asked him, this includes e-mails I send to him as well. He is really going to be in for it if I have a c-section.

On a happy note, we had Ryan, Leslie and Connor over last night. Connor is at the fun stage of babbling. I could listen to him talk all day long. He is so adorable. The boys did really well with him, even playing in our new, free play house we got from a neighbor down the street. Luke would sneak in a few kisses, which Connor did not seem to mind. Connor pet Tippy once or twice, and I could see in Tippy's eyes that he had found a new friend. Connor also tried out our new high chairs. The are awesome. It is nice that he can really be at the table with us.


Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until Connor throws a pre-chewed piece of bread at uncle neal.

Anonymous said...

Just when I got used to Connor being 18 months old, he's going to be 19 months! I love his conversations too...just not sure what he's saying sometimes!