Saturday, May 9, 2009

I saw this someplace and could not have said it better!

Dear Sleep,

Although we haven't been on the best of terms lately, I thought I had a few weeks until we parted ways. But no, you have decided to leave me early. As my belly gets larger by the minute, you have decided there's no room in the bed for all of us, and you've fled. I don't blame you. It's darn uncomfortable with 35 lbs of baby weight between us. I just wish I'd enjoyed my last good sleep a little more; I didn't know I'd be deprived so early. And with two loud babies on the way I doubt you'll be eager to return any time soon. I can only hope that when you do, I can snuggle with you on my stomach just like I used to and not be woken up by insane dreams.

Wherever you are, whoever you're making happy.. I hope you're well. Please come back and visit any time.. I mean that.. ANY time.


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Anonymous said...

That's a good one. The body really has a way of training itself for less sleep for feedings during the later stage of pregnancy. I felt like I barely slept those last few weeks between peeing every other hour and just being uncomfortable.