Tuesday, May 12, 2009

31 weeks

It feels like time is moving slow. I have had a good week. Feeling good. Some nights it is difficult sleeping and I certainly use the bathroom a lot. My swelling has been under control. My pregnancy brain is totally useless. Some days the babies move more than others. Our boy definitely moves more than our girl. I am curious to see if this is reflective in their actions when they are actually here. Things are pretty much set up in the house and ready to go. Ryan and Leslie have let us borrow a lot of Connor's things, which will really help us out. I cannot wait to meet the babies. I have had a couple of offers from friends to help me after the babies are born and I intend to take them up on it. Every book I have read says do not take turn away help. Especially good help. We have no idea what we are in for!

Neal got to feel some good kicks yesterday. His face is priceless. I have read of women that get sick of the babies moving, but I don't know how. I wish they would move all the time. It is amazing to feel. Sometimes I just lay on the couch and watch my belly. Our son still gets the hiccups a couple of times a week. They are kicking me as I write this. I am guessing they are cramped and ready to come out....it is just a little too early for that!


McCauley's Blog said...

We can not wait either!!

Anonymous said...

U better hold those babies in until I say. I don't want to have to support the James Patient Link Amubulatory go live. ha