Saturday, August 7, 2010

Transplant Games Day 5

Today was a great day as Neal won his first medal. Grandpa Mike again walked the babies to sleep around 10am.

After that we headed over to cheer on the team Ohio volleyball team. Apparently we did not feed Gwen enough as she decided to eat her brothers foot. Did I mention how dirty they were?

As a good blogger though I had to make a decision to catch this on film or stop it. I determined the damage would be minimal to her. At this point in the trip mommy was sick, so she stayed in with the kiddos while the rest of the troops headed to the closing ceremonies.
All in all a great trip and the babies did 100% better than I anticipated. The ride home was about 80% success. Grady started crying about the last 2 hours and then Gwen decided to chime in the last hour. If we would have been in the car another hour, I am pretty sure I would have been in tears.

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Wendy said...

Wait... Grady didn't care that she was munching on his foot?! Really? Sorry about the car ride... Ethan did that once home from Canton (at 1)... last time we went. I'm a wimp. HOpe you feel better soon.