Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cotton Candy

We headed out to a cops and kids day in Westerville the other weekend and found a great surprise... Cotton candy! Neal was so deprived as a child (he always complains he got nothing, including action figures), so of course we got some. I had to throw it in the kids hands just to give Wendy a tiny heart attack!
Don't worry Wendy, I am sure there is spinach some where inside all of that sugar! I have to admit, I enjoyed it a little too, ok a lot!

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Wendy said...

I'm shaking just a little just looking at the photo of that baby holding all that artificially colored sugar... however, the look of "what is this and get it out of my hands" on Gwen's face and Grady's disinterest reassures me. (or did all that change after the photo was taken? After all, it only takes a second to be sucked into the sugar abyss)
p.s. Neal we literally (sadly) have every super hero they make from the 70's megos to today... you are welcome to come play with them any time.