Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gwen's 1st Haircut!

It was time. I probably waited too long. She was sporting a short in the front, long in the back cut. We found a great salon that did a first haircut for free complete with before and after pics and they will be sending me a video of it as well! Gwen was a complete 180 from Grady. She sat still, did not cry or jerk away. She did fantastic.

Grady sat nicely with Grandma and waited. I am pretty sure he was thinking "better her than me".

Before (please note I typically put a clip in her hair so she is not eating it all day, although she would probably like that)

I foresee pedicures, manicures and massages in our future!


Anonymous said...

Adorable. I love that she is already such a diva. Aunt Stacy can't wait for her first mani/pedi with Gwen. Once we are done, I'll take Grady to the go kart track.

Anonymous said...

She looks so professional.

leslie said...

Such a little diva:)

Anonymous said...

Cute! Where are the pre/post pics of Grady?