Friday, July 22, 2016


Grady you really grew up this year.  You interacted much more with others.  You continued to constantly annoy and bother Gwen.  Gwen and I say at least 10 times a day stop it Grady.  If I can't find you I just look for Gwen and you are probably right in her face.  Your love of bugs was replaced this year with legos.  You love them. No set is too challenging.  When you get a set you cannot sleep until you have completely put it together.  This brings up the fact that you really don't need much sleep, you just keep going and going.  You got a fitbit this year and always have more steps than Gwen.  I explained to her that you are just moving all day long from the second your eyes open.  I wanted to take you to get your hearing checked this year as you rarely want to listen to me.  Your math skills are fantastic and you really like counting money.  You really caught on to reading very quickly this year.  You could live on granola bars.  Each time you open one you look to see how many chocolate chips you have.  

This picture sums Grady up...

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