Friday, July 22, 2016


6 was a big year for you Gwen!  We can't find your teeth. You started girl scouts this year and absolutely love it.  I think it is your first thing that is all your own. You deserve to have something to yourself. You continue to be a caring and considerate young lady. You are always worried about others. You like to sleep.  I can only remember one day in the entire year where you woke up before Grady and all you were worried about was when Grady would wake up.  He is your best friend.  You can be feisty at times.  Your very few tantrums involve kicking, screaming and crying.  This rarely happens though.  You have the best handwriting out of anyone in our house hands down.  Your reading has come so far this year and I look forward to where you will be when you are turning 8.  When asked what you want for your birthday, many items are for bumblebee.  You are already acting like a mother.  You have started telling jokes and are wandering around asking everyone what that is under there.  I won't tell the punchline and ruin your joke.  Unfortunately you inherited my sweet tooth and can eat junk all day!  You also have a love of sloppy joe and party eggs.

And I forgot one more thing....the girl loves to sing.  Her favorite song is Grand Old Flag!

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