Friday, February 27, 2009

Are the babies moving?

I think I am feeling the babies move more. Still no definite kicks, but I am feeling more.

Wait maybe that was just gas.

I always thought I would not take a lot of drugs when I was pregnant. I am of course speaking of the legal kind. I started out good, but in the last week I have taken vitamin B-6, pepcid, tylenol pm, unisom, tylenol cold. Perhaps the babies are not kicking because they are so drugged up. I am headed to the doc today to get yet another prescription for my acid issues. My poor esophagus.... Between all of the puking and now the acid, it has to be a wreck. I just do not know how bulimics do it. Neal must be complaining to all of the guys about what a whiny pregnant woman I am. I am still thrilled to finally be pregnant! Time is really starting to move fast.

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Anonymous said...

I will only complain when I have to actually start to take care of you. ha