Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boys....

The big question. People have asked what are we doing with the boys after the babies are here. Others that know our dogs have asked if we are getting rid of them. And the final question we get is how will the boys be with the babies. Well, I do not have answers to any of these questions. I am pretty sure Tippy will be extremely jealous and will never again get enough attention to make him happy. Luke will continue to sleep 90% of the day. Both boys will have a whole new world of things to eat that are disgusting. I can guarantee they will love to eat diapers. I experimented by putting a diaper on the bed for the dogs to sniff. Well, it seems as though an empty diaper does nothing for them. At this time, I choose not to experiment with a loaded diaper. On the bright side, I rarely have to vacuum or clean the floors. The dogs pretty much do that for me! That will only be more useful with two babies in the house. This is how I invision the boys and the babies in my dreams:

Luke of course is giving the baby kisses and Tippy is enjoying the hand on him, petting him (it does not take much). Of course my dogs are a lot bigger, less gentle and Tippy rarely sits still, but remember this is my dream!

I guess we will just have to wait and see. I can guarantee it will be chaotic. How could it not be, we are going to be bringing home 2 newborns into a house full of inexperienced adults! Basically our household count will be doubling over night. I cannot wait!

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Patty McHenry said...

Love that picture! I'm sure the dogs will love the babies!