Monday, March 23, 2009

Cleveland Baby Shower

The shower was a success. My mom and sister showed their creativity. They made a pink and blue diaper cake and a homemade corsage made with some baby socks. I was very impressed. The hall was very nice and we had a great turn out. It is amazing how generous people are! We received so many things for the babies. We also got some Ohio State gear and Indians gear! We also received a crying baby to start torturing the dogs with. So far neither dog likes the baby, although Tippy did give the baby a couple of kisses. My dad supplied us with our first set of math flash cards, a very important thing in our family! Our living room, is packed with all of our new things. Where do we put all of this stuff? Just looking around at all of the things makes me realize what a big change we have ahead of ourselves. I did not feel the babies kick throughout the shower, so I am pretty sure they slept through the entire thing!

I did not think I was that big until I saw the pictures. All I can say is YIKES! Thanks mom, dad and Stac for putting this on for me! I really appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

I slept through the entire thing too.