Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

So as you already know, today was our 9 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe two years ago we were celebrating (although I cannot remember what we did) and had ZERO children and wanted them so badly. Two years later we have 2 amazing kids. We spent the night out on Grandma and Grandpa Moustache's dime while Jen, Matt and Raegan watched the babies. Anniversaries are about memories. We have some memories that I will not pin on any one person, but you know who you are....

Someone drank water all day to sober up in time!

Someone danced like crazy and made sure their entire night was right in front of our videographer!

Someone who lost their shoes!

Someone's dad had a great night that we will never forget and had a great dance with his kids!

Someone danced on stage with their tie around their head to We Be Strokin'!

Someone who forgot to take family photos!

Someone who danced on stage with the band!

Someone had too much fun and threw up a Jaeger baby!

Someone helping out another friend after a rough night!

Someone stranded at the wedding!

Someone that should not have drove to the hotel and should have taken the party bus!

Someone that caught the bouquet and ended up dancing with a kid!

Someone who had a barbie doll?!?!?

Someone who a few days earlier almost took out a mailbox with the party bus! (believe it or not this was not me)

Someone who danced on the party bus just to get a beer!

Someone who forgot their veil at the hair salon and it was the end of the world!

Someone who cried during a speech!

Someone who brought a blow up sheep to a wedding!

Someone who ate Denny's after the wedding!

Someone who had the most amazing time with family and friends!

Someone who always comes through with the jello shots!

Someone's parents who subsidized what would be the most amazing night!

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