Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9 things I love about Neal

Since it is our 9th wedding anniversary I figured I would honor your daddy.

The 9 things I love about Neal

1) When I need a break, you are there (unless there is a blizzard

2) You make me less uptight (it is true, I am really uptight)

3) You do not like to cuddle in bed

4) You love to make me breakfast, although have been slacking lately!

5) You accept my family and our strange closeness

6) After 9 years you finally gave me a massage, wonder what will happen after 10?

7) Chinese food holidays and your insistence that they happen

8) The understanding that we will meet up later in bed, but once those kids go to bed we are able to go our separate ways whether it be the tv, surf the internet or whatever.

9) Your lack of knowing what time it is. Ok, let me be honest, sometimes this drives me crazy, but most of the time it is a good thing (see #2).


Anonymous said...

I am very awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!