Friday, February 6, 2009

Can you hear me in there?

When Leslie was pregnant, all I wanted to do was feel Connor kick and talk to him. I had to control myself as I think it made everyone uncomfortable. One day we were at the McHenry's so Leslie laid on the couch and let me touch her belly and talk to Connor. I guess I really was talking loud or maybe even screaming. I wanted to make sure Connor knew Aunt Michele's voice. I did not think anything of it. Now that I am pregnant, I assumed I would talk to my babies a lot. As of yet, I have not talked to them at all. Not sure why it feels strange now. Maybe when I am feeling the babies kick I will talk to them more.


leslie said...

Now it's my turn to feel YOUR belly!! With two sets of legs and arms, there's gonna be a lot of action in there:) LOVE the blog - you'll be so glad to have all these stories to share with the twins. And, yes, they will definitely be able to hear you! Get 'em 'trained' early and they'll come out with great taste - humming Sublime:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! Leslie told me about your new blog. Why don't you try singing a little song to the twins?