Monday, February 2, 2009


Someone asked for a belly shot. When my belly does not look like it contains beer, I will post something. My emotions have changed greatly over my gut. At first I could not wait for the belly to grow. I was so excited to be pregnant and I wanted the whole world to know it. Now, quite frankly, my expanding belly scares the crap out of me. I already have a pinched nerve or something happening in my right cheek (not the one on my face). What will happen next? How will I sit at my desk and type at work? That will be a picture to post. I am sure like every other woman on earth that has carried her child, I will figure it out. I know whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Deep down, I guess I do not really care, I am just so happy to finally be prego.

I am finally starting to gain weight. I am 17 weeks pregnant. I have read women carrying twins should gain more weight early to ensure the babies are bigger since they have a greater chance of being premature. I have read a lot of different things I guess. Who knows what is really true. At 17 weeks, I have now gained 6 pounds. I gained about 3 on and off my first trimester. The last three kinda snuck up on me over the last 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

My neck, my back, my belly, and my crack.

Dawn said...

Please don't go putting picture of your belly on the public internet if you don't want to just because I made a comment! Maybe you can use your pinched nerve to make Neal do all of the housework and maybe some cooking for you!