Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When Leslie was pregnant she had a book that said the husband should do the marketing while the wife was pregnant. Marketing? What is there to market? Market for a new non-pregnant, skinny, happy wife? It took a while, but they finally figured out the book was old school and was talking about grocery shopping. I laughed, as if I would not be able to grocery shop when I was pregnant. Seriously, I am a tough chick, I can handle the grocery store. Boy was I wrong. Once the morning sickness hit, the grocery store was my worst nightmare. All of that food all around me. One visit, I actually pulled into the parking lot and decided I would not make it. Good thing I went home because I got sick as soon as I walked in the door. This past weekend was a milestone in my pregnancy and one that Neal was very happy about....I actually made it through a full shopping trip at the grocery store, all by myself. I even managed to cook breakfast and lunch that day. Although neither meals included meat, it was quite an achievement. Funny how just a year ago, I was taking care of Neal and now he is my slave. Marriage sure is great!


Cheryl said...

I found you Michelle!!! Hope you've puked in the car at least once, so Neal could clean it up. Just watch out for the cell phones!

Anonymous said...

I love doing the marketing. That way I can get all the chips and salsa I want!

Anonymous said...

I know some people who have a degree in marketing...hmmmm.

Neal should carry you around! He owes you and your babies!!!